Success4All Appoints Ten Young People To New Youth Advisory Board

We are thrilled to announce Success4All has appointed ten young candidates to form our new Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

On the 21st February 2022, the Board took part in a three day training event at the Carnegie Building.

The training focused on building friendships, confidence and frameworks.

The workshops were delivered by DebateMate and Junction Point and proved to be a great success.

Chloe Sutton, Youth Worker at Success4All who spearheaded the development of the Youth Advisory Board, said: “Kindly funded by The Wellbank Foundation and The Hedley Foundation, Success4All has recently set up a brand new Youth Advisory Board made up of ten diligent young people aged 11 – 15 to provide advice and guidance for the charity.

“This youth voice is essential for a charity providing young people’s services and we hope to make their voices heard on decisions made within the charity.”

The YAB members are: Rayan, Ameya, Huda, Jane, Hana, Timibi, Tobi, Katie, Deborah & Siyona.

On joining Success4All’s YAB Jane said, “For some years now, my sisters and I have attended Success4All’s Summer School and it has always been a highlight of our summer holidays. I have benefitted from the impact Success4All is making in the North East and I would like to be part of those who are making a difference in the lives of the young people around me. I see this as a great opportunity to truly drive change and impact lives.”

Siyona, Youth Advisory Board member

For Siyona, it was STAND4’s advocacy that motivated her to join.

“STAND4’s latest project about propaganda has made me interested in entering this Youth Advisory Board, where I would not only learn but also have fun. In my opinion, I think the idea that children being advisors is significant as we will be able to express our worries about the world,” she said.

Ameya, Youth Advisory Board member

Ameya is well aware of the poverty rates in the North East and the damaging affect it has on widening inequality.  She told us: “I wanted to join the Youth Advisory Board because I want to make an impact on the Northeast which could potentially develop and progress in helping with poverty, education etc.

“In the United Kingdom, educational inequality is escalating and we need to do something about it.”

Katie, Youth Advisory Board member

In addition to developing new skills and meeting new people, Katie joined the Board to influence change.

“I wanted to join Success4All’s Youth Advisory Board because I wanted to help with change in the North East. I want to be a voice for young people and drive for change,” she commented.

As well as bringing bright ideas to the table, Hana joined YAB because she considers “it to be a great opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and make friends.”

Like many of the Board members, Deborah too joined because of “the opportunity to engage with like-minded people” as well as to “gain experience into being in a corporate body like this one.”

Tobi was able to benefit from Success4All’s services, particularly during his early years(7-10), and he’s now ready ” to give back to the community” that supported him.

“Joining a community like this would also help me to gain new skills and knowledge I haven’t gained before.

“I hope it will widen my view of different things and make me more knowledgeable.”


Head over to our Instagram page to see some behind the scenes footage of the 3-day training.