Winter Youth Adventures: Creating Memories and Unleashing Potential

Winter Youth Adventures Creating Memories and Unleashing Potential. Teenage boy jumping on trampoline park in sport center

Teenage boy jumping on trampoline park in sport centre by Mariakray from Getty Images

Thanks to generous funding from the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, Success4All was thrilled to offer 30 young people from our youth groups the opportunity to take part in at least one winter trip.

Our young people had the choice between trampolining and paintballing, both of which turned out to be very popular activities.

The trips aimed not only to provide an escape from the ordinary but also to instil confidence, teamwork, and life skills through activities that were nothing short of exhilarating.

As the day unfolded, we caught up with our young people who were eager to share their thoughts. The resounding theme? Confidence and pride.

One young person beamed, “I felt very proud of myself as I managed to complete the goal I had set for myself, and in fact, I even did much more! I did see a massive boost in my confidence as the day progressed.”

The sentiment was shared by many, with comments like, “I felt confident and proud of my abilities,” and “It felt like I’d accomplished something new and like I could do anything.”

It was evident that the Winter Youth Trips were not just about completing set goals but about unlocking a newfound sense of self and accomplishment. One young person shared, “It made me feel as if I can do something if I think about it.”

The heart-pounding paintballing adventure wasn’t just about dodging laser lights. It was a stage for our young participants to showcase and develop a range of skills. Communication, leadership, accuracy, awareness and strategic thinking—all came into play. Hand-eye coordination and agility became not just buzzwords but skills put to the test in the pursuit of victory.