Geordie heritage told through the lens of young people from ethnically diverse and under-served communities living in the North East of England

Established over the summer of 2022, Tyne Tea’ers is a group of young people who are working on a 20-month heritage project funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, ‘The River Tyne: Then, Now & Tomorrow’

The project focuses on the heritage of the River Tyne and its impact on the identity of ethnically diverse and under-served North East communities.

As part of the project, the young people will go on a journey of discovery, uncovering the rich heritage of the River Tyne and the communities that once lived and worked along the banks of the River Tyne.

Through a series of public events, delivered in partnership with local heritage and creative arts professionals, the young people will curate an art exhibition and a play, which will be announced later in the year, where they will get to showcase their findings & hopes for the future.

The group is always happy to welcome new members to the project.


On July 27th, 2023, our Tyne Tea’ers performed ‘Reflections on the Tyne’ at Live Theatre.

The performance, which lasted 10 minutes was written and produced by our young people with support from the Live Theatre team.

It provides a summary of everything they learned, gathered and heard about the heritage of the river Tyne up until that point.

The performance touches on the history of the river Tyne and how people experience the river today and aims to strengthen the young people’s connection to the river and the city.

The young people spent 36 hours writing and memorising their performance, which resulted in a standing ovation from the audience.

Please take the time to watch the performance and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments.


On Sunday 11th December 2022, amidst the Icelandic weather that struck the North East, our Tyne Tea’ers braced the cold weather to set up their 1-day exclusive art exhibition at the scenic Quayside Market.

Funded and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the Tyne Tea’ers exhibited their photography, lino printing, mosaics and calligraphy artwork which they created in a short period of time of only three and a half months.

The artwork expressed the young people’s own interpretations and reflections on what they learned so far about the heritage of the River Tyne.

During the exhibition, our young people spoke to over 100 members of the public about their project and all the trips and activities they had completed so far.

Many were fascinated with the project and a few members of the public even expressed interest in taking part in the project in some capacity.