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Social Justice for Communities

The Big Lottery fund not only focuses on early intervention for children but recognises the need for change at all ages and stages for there to be social justice. Some of what they are currently tackling is; a better start for babies, youth unemployment, adults with a wide range of multiple and complex needs and […]

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A Very Important Interview with Danielle King – Japanese Club Leader

Let’s get to know our Club Leaders in Ten Questions   1)      So….. What’s your name? Danielle king or Dannie with the name badge   2)      What are you doing at this exact moment while answering my difficult questions? I’m actually on the bus on the way home.   3)      What club do […]

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Commitment; to and from the young people in the community

It was great to read the news today that the leaders of Britain are coming together to make a commitment to young people and ensuring their involvement in social action as well as money investments in this area. Read the full article at – The purpose of it is to get young people more […]

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MP for Newcastle Central visits Success4All learning hub!

Last week, we had a visit from Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central and a Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, to our Learning Hub at Newcastle City Learning Centre. It was nice to meet with her and for us, to be able to demonstrate the work our children and young people do. Chi had the opportunity […]

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Success4All’s Super Statistics

Success4All are very proud to share with you statistics from our first half term (September-October 2013) which has taken us into our 8th year! In the months of September and October, 82 learning sessions have been delivered in our 6 Learning Hubs. A total number of 245 learners, between ages 8 and 18, registered with […]

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Procter and Gamble give recommendations to our Junior Apprentice candidates!

Procter and Gamble (P&G) visited Success4All to judge and share their expert advice on the products the children and young people have designed for the Junior Apprentice project. The money funded to Success4All meant that each learning hub could offer the children an opportunity to design, create and then sell their product idea. All centres […]

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S4A is joining the Digital Champion Movement.

Last week I attended a training event to become a Digital Champion. I saw the event advertised and thought this was a perfect opportunity as a member of Success4All. Over the years S4A has realised that more and more homework is set to children through websites such as ‘MyMaths’. Although it is important in contemporary […]

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Simply Handwriting to simply improve your grades

Nowadays, young people’s keyboarding skills are better developed than their handwriting skills; however academic intelligence is measured by what one is able to write down on paper during exams. This is an issue that really concerns us at Success4All. Handwriting training and practice can raise exam marks by an average of 30%, which is why […]

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