Interested in discovering more about coding, programming and technology?

Our online Code Club offers children and young people the opportunity to explore the world of coding and computers, whilst having fun with their peers.

At Code Club, children and young people learn how to code using Scratch, a block-based programming language.

We encourage our budding coders to explore and experiment with different codes and technology, learn at their own pace and share their findings with their peers.

In our Code Clubs, children learn about the basics of programming in a fun and exciting way; making games and bringing their animation ideas to life.  They can also develop and extend the coding skills learnt in IT lessons at school and are encouraged to use their creativity to construct whatever takes their fancy.

To find out what challenges and accomplishments our budding coders have faced, please click here.

Code Club is attended by children and young people with a range of ages and abilities, from 8 years old (primary school year 4) to 16 (secondary school year 11).

Current locations:

Unfortunately, we do not have a sponsor or funder to support the delivery of our Club at present. This means we have temporarily closed the Club until we can secure the necessary funding.

We will keep you posted with any changes.

What you say

‘I know how to program settings, add backdrops and lots more.’

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