Summer School volunteer supports a young girl making a musical instrument. Benefits of volunteering.

Summer School volunteer supports a young girl making a musical instrument. Photograph by Success4All

Volunteering is a noble act that not only enriches the lives of those you help but also has a profound impact on your own well-being. When you choose to work with children and young people, the rewards are even more significant.

In this blog post, we explore 8 benefits of volunteering and specifically focus on how volunteering with young people can be an incredibly fulfilling and personally enriching experience.

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1. Personal Growth

Volunteering with children and young people provides a unique opportunity for personal growth. As you interact with young people, you’ll find yourself developing valuable life skills such as patience, empathy, and effective communication. These skills are not only essential when working with young people but also highly transferable to your everyday life and career.

2. Enhanced Communication Skills

Engaging with children and young people encourages you to refine your communication skills. You must express yourself clearly, actively listen, and adapt your communication style to suit various age groups and individual needs. These improved communication skills can benefit your personal and professional relationships.

3. Sense of Fulfillment

Few things in life are as rewarding as watching a child grow, learn, and thrive under your guidance. The sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that comes from knowing you’ve made a positive impact on a young person’s life is immeasurable. This emotional satisfaction can lead to increased happiness and reduced stress in your own life.

4. Sense of Purpose

Volunteering with children and young people can provide a deep sense of purpose. You become a guiding light in their lives, helping them navigate challenges and encouraging their personal growth. This sense of purpose can give your own life new meaning and direction.

5. Building Stronger Communities

By contributing your time and effort, you help build stronger and more tightly-knit communities. As a result, you’ll feel a deeper connection to your local area and a greater sense of belonging.

6. Leadership Development

Volunteering often opens doors to leadership roles. Whether you’re organising activities, mentoring, or leading workshops, you’ll have opportunities to develop and hone your leadership skills. These skills can be invaluable in your career and personal life.

7. Learning from Young Minds

While volunteering, you have the unique privilege of learning from the young people you work with. Their fresh perspectives, boundless creativity, and unwavering resilience can be truly inspiring. They can teach you to see the world with a different perspective, fostering personal growth and a deeper appreciation for the world around you.

8. Positive Societal Impact

Volunteering with children and young people contributes to the betterment of society as a whole. By investing in the well-being and education of the next generation, volunteers play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future. This sense of making a broader impact can be deeply rewarding.

Volunteering with children and young people offers an array of personal benefits that extend far beyond the act of giving. From personal growth to enhanced communication skills, a sense of purpose, and emotional fulfilment, the rewards are immeasurable. It’s not just about altruism; it’s about gaining life-changing experiences that enrich your own life while making a lasting, positive impact on the future of our society.

If you haven’t already, please consider getting involved in your community and experience the countless rewards that come from volunteering with children and young people.

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