Our brand new multi-functional mobile learning space, enabling Success4All to bring our Learning Hubs and fun, hands-on activities, such as STEM and computer coding clubs, direct to communities that it otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

It all started with children’s drawings to George Clarke about a double-decker bus; that set off a small local charity, Success4All, on a 4-month whirlwind journey that ended with the UK’s first ever mobile double-decker Learning Bus. Equipped with everything a child needs to inspire Newcastle’s next generation of scientists, creatives and innovators. 

You can watch their journey on Channel 4 here: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/george-clarkes-amazing-spaces/on-demand/68208-006.  If you want to find out more about the work they do, the Learning Bus will be on Northumberland High Street on Sunday 5th May from 10am – 4pm.

Our bus will be touring around schools, communities and local events. Please get in touch and watch this space for more info…

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The Story: Success4All got a phone call to say that ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’, were interested in filming their double-decker bus conversion project. To the question: ‘Do you have a double-decker bus?’ came the enthusiastic answer: ‘No, but we can get one!’ With no money whatsoever for this, this meant they had 1 month to raise £55k to buy the bus and convert it. With a stroke of luck, North East engineering charity Reece Foundation, gave a hefty donation of £30k allowing Success4All to buy a London double-decker bus ready for the first day of filming with George Clarke. Following an intensive month of crowdfunding and generous donations from many local businesses, Success4All’s Learning Bus was a full steam ahead.

With only a 2-month deadline, Success4All had to strip, build and paint 1,175 square feet of bus, with the help of a very skilled local joiner, Brian Home, of SkillBuild Joinery, the Learning Bus has been converted into a state-of-the-art multifunctional learning facility, complete with built-in WiFi, STEM equipment, café and lounge. We finished just in time for the new season of ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’, we appeared on episode 6 of series 8, which was aired on Channel 4 at 8pm on Sunday 10th February 2019.


‘It looks futuristic!’

“We want to dispel the myth that learning is boring. Success4All gives time to explore and learn in your own way and this new mobile Learning Bus will help us to reach many more children and young people in communities where suitable facilities may not be otherwise available.”

Caroline Afolabi-Deleu, Founding director of Success4All

‘It’s brilliant as it’s easily accessible and portable to reach out to remote communities. This can be an aid to them as they know there is always help available. The bus will help a lot of students develop their practical and social skills. It is aesthetically pleasing which will help bring in students.’


‘I love the grass stairs, denim chairs and the café area – because who doesn’t like food. I think it’s a good idea because when you’re in a building it can get quite boring because you are in the same setting all the time. It’s good as it give children the opportunity to work in a new environment.’


‘I can’t thank you enough for our day on the Science bus.  Every single child had an amazing time and so did the staff!’

Nicola Bell, teacher at Larkspur Community Primary School