Our multi-functional mobile learning space enables Success4All to bring fun and hands-on activities, such as STEM and computer coding clubs, direct to communities that it otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. We’ve got several workshops available for you to book on our bus. See below for more info!

We are happy to collaborate with schools and communities to develop a specific workshop or to amend one of our current workshops to tie in with your work at school. Please get in touch to discuss in more detail if this is something you would be interested in!

As much as we’d love to collaborate with schools & communities from across the UK, unfortunately, our services are only available to those based in the North East of England.

The Story: We received a phone call to say that ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ were interested in filming a double-decker bus conversion project. To the question: ‘Do you have a double-decker bus?’ came the enthusiastic answer: ‘No, but we can get one!’ With no money whatsoever for this, we had 1 month to raise £55k to buy and convert a bus. With a stroke of luck, North East engineering charity Reece Foundation gave a hefty donation of £30k, allowing Success4All to buy a London double-decker bus ready for the first day of filming with George Clarke. Following an intensive month of crowdfunding and generous donations from many local businesses, Success4All’s Learning Bus was in full steam ahead.

With only a 2-month deadline, Success4All had to strip, build and paint 1,175 square feet of bus, with the help of a very skilled local joiner, Brian Home, of SkillBuild Joinery, the Learning Bus had been converted into a state-of-the-art multifunctional learning facility, complete with built-in WiFi, STEM equipment, café and lounge. We completed the conversion just in time for the new season of ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’.

You can watch the episode here.


Subject Specific
Workshops designed to enhance teaching around a specific subject, such as STEM, Art, and much more! Perfect for Primary and Secondary Schools.
One-off workshops to make learning a fun and enjoyable activity. Perfect for schools, families, and community groups.
Drop in
Multiple drop in workshops on different areas of the bus, all centred around the same theme. Perfect for science fairs, festivals, community events.


The perfect choice for primary and secondary schools – choose a subject you would like the workshop to focus on and we will lead activities to help enhance and consolidate teaching from in the classroom, in a fun and exciting new environment!



Birds and Beaks
Investigate the structures of birds’ beaks, their suitability to the food in their habitat, and the effect plastic pollution is having on their food sources.

Hand Hygiene
Investigate the importance of handwashing in preventing the spread of bacteria, and find the most effective method of handwashing.

Musical Instruments
Investigate how sound travels and music is created by creating your own musical instruments.

KS1 & KS2
All Workshops
Check out all of our available workshops here


Perfect for fairs, festivals, and community events. Choose a theme and we will provide a number of drop-in activities on our bus based on this theme. Children, young people and their families can walk around the bus and choose to take part in whichever activities they would like.

Sound & Music


One-off STEM Workshop

£70per class
  • 1 workshop

KS1 STEM Challenge

£135per class
  • 3 workshops

KS2 STEM Challenge

£240per class excl. travel cost
  • 5 workshops & a trip

Learning Bus Visits

£550per day
  • 7 workshops
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‘It’s brilliant as it’s easily accessible and portable to reach out to remote communities. This can be an aid to them as they know there is always help available. The bus will help a lot of students develop their practical and social skills. It is aesthetically pleasing which will help bring in students.’


‘I love the grass stairs, denim chairs and the café area – because who doesn’t like food. I think it’s a good idea because when you’re in a building it can get quite boring because you are in the same setting all the time. It’s good as it give children the opportunity to work in a new environment.’


“It was wonderful hands-on learning teaching the children about, forces and design. Our children love these experiences and it was of great benefit to them.

The interactive nature of each session made it accessible for all and it is learning they will remember.

An extremely worthwhile experience for all children, allowing them to learn through hands-on activities and be fully engaged in their learning.”

Nicola Bell, Teacher at Larkspur Community Primary School

“This project was engaging from the very start. All of the children were focused and demonstrated great teamwork skills. It was a fun way to learn about recycling and forces. Thank you!” 

Nikki Knox, Teacher at Barley Mow Primary

“Great resources and very interactive which is difficult with our knowledge/resources to replicate. We would welcome you back. The challenge allows interactive, fun discovery with a STEM aspect. Communication and team-building are also impacted and we have seen positive outcomes.”

Quenten Dodds, Teacher at St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School