About the Club

STAND4 is our youth group at Succcess4All. It has been running for 10 years and was first known as WEYDA (West End Young Digital Artists). Over time, the group evolved to tackling lots of social issues and creating change in their communities based on this. Therefore, the group have recently been renamed to STAND4. STAND4 welcomes young people in the North East to work as a community to become activists for positive change. The group often discusses prominent issues young people are facing today and thinks of creative ways to resolve this and bring about change.

They have produced two documentaries (‘West End Heroes’ and ‘Young, Religious and Judged’) a comic (‘Eddy Tiles and the West End Loan Shark’) and two radio shows (around Big Questions of Why is our country in Debt, Littering, Brexit and Voting at 16). They have also experimented with learning styles, getting involved in a European project called EuroSOLE to explore Self-Organised Learning Environments and if they help engage young people to learn and discover for themselves.

Latest project: Fear, Lies and Propaganda

We will be exploring the good the bad and the ugly of propaganda and help to encourage their peers to question, identify and challenge potential fake news too.

At the start of this project, we will be exploring storytelling and discovering how propaganda has been used recently and throughout history to create tension and spread messages to communities. We will meet experts in these areas and go on a trip to an exhibition in London. We will be organising a range of events during the summer to engage the local community in our project, including football matches, bake-off events and a radio show. We will engage, interview and involve others, facilitating dialogue and discussion in order to raise awareness of the negative effects of propaganda, how it can create tension and unrest between groups. Training will be provided in many skills that students will need during the project and there will be the opportunity to receive additional recognition for their hard work.

Based on everything we will have learnt, we will be developing a toolkit to help educate and empower other young people to identify and evaluate fake news they may encounter and become positive voices in their local area too.  This toolkit could be used by teachers to help engage students in this topic, by using the resources created by the young people who took part.

What you say

‘In the WEYDA science club, we found out lots of things and how to do cool experiments.’


‘Education to me is the key element to making society better nationwide. Working and experience and sole it has made me realise it is possible to be that ingredient of change.’


‘Working with all ages prepares me for my future career. By communicating with others, it develops my skills of understanding others.’


‘Collaboration and communication has always been important to me. Sole has made me understand how essential it is. It has allowed me to realise how important it is to share any information that could help another person.’


‘We used initiative and entrepreneurship when interviewing people and answering/asking questions on the spot.’