Powered by community and steered by young people, Learning Hubs offer children & young people in the North East a space to learn, grow & thrive.

As well as providing one-to-one and small group tutoring to tackle educational inequality, our Learning Hubs also offer a space for young people to develop their confidence, access opportunities & feel part of an uplifiting community.

“I enjoy coming to Success4All because I learn new things and it reduces stress when I don’t understand things. Plus, I love meeting the Volunteers! I can definitely tell I have been getting better at telling time, and at doing my times tables by using the cover/copy method. This has happened through the support from the Tutors.”

“Recently at school, I achieved an A* in Business Studies. My target was a B, however, by putting in the effort and working hard I exceeded my target. Business was one of my weaker subjects as it was quite challenging, especially the longer questions which required more detail. I’m glad I started to come to the Learning Hub as now I know how much I’ve improved.”

“Tutoring has been a platform that has helped me to build the skills I need for my future. This helped me to socialise with others in a professional yet relaxed environment through communicating with new people including parents, other volunteers, children and young people and the coordinators. In this community, I feel I have been able to expand my level of confidence through the responsibilities I have been given.”


Our Learning Hubs run during the school term. During or around the school holidays Learning Hubs are closed.

Benwell Hub

Carnegie Building, Atkinson Road, Newcastle, NE4 8XS

Wednesdays 4:30pm-6pm

Saturdays 11am-12:30pm

DiverCity Hub

120 Buckingham St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 5QU

Tuesdays 5pm-6:30pm

Saturdays 10:30am-12pm

Online Hubs

Our Online Hubs are remote spaces where we run our 6-week online tutoring sessions.

Weekdays & weekends

Times vary


Due to funding costs, some of our Learning Hubs have remained shut since the pandemic.

It is our hope that we reopen them all once again soon.

Whilst we wait to secure the funding, you can play a part in helping us reopen them by donating to our fundraising campaign: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/ignitemindsreopenhubs

Arthur’s Hill Hub

Apostolic Church, Callerton Place, Newcastle, NE4 5NQ

Meadow Well Hub

The Meadows, Waterville Road, North Shield, NE29 6BA

Throckley Hub

Throckley Community Hall, Back Victoria Terrace, Newcastle, NE15 9AA

Westgate Hill Hub

Westgate Hill Primary Academy, Beaconsfield Street, Newcastle, NE4 5JN

Slatyford Hub

Tyneside Badminton Centre, Bowness Road, Newcastle, NE5 2TA