About the Club

Come and get stuck in at our Creativity Club.

It’s the perfect free after-school club for children aged 5- 12.

The club provides children with the opportunity to explore and investigate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) challenges.

Expect plenty of hands-on, practical and explorative activities.

What you say

‘I am able to work while the children are at the session. I drop them off and then I come pick them up – I have 2 more hours in the office. Coming here is better than childcare because there are not many activities while they are waiting for me with the childminder.’


‘I’m moving support so that the piece can be a little higher so there’s more gravity. The pipe is quite flat right now.’ ‘It will give the water momentum.’

Excelsior Water Challenge

‘I like going to the STEM club because I find out new things every time when we experiment. You never know what’s going to happen…’.