Zakir’s Success Story

During our Carnegie Primary Learning Hub, Zakir wrote a poem about school. At the end of the session, he presented it to the whole group and read it out loud.

‘I wrote the poem because we were doing poems in schools. I wanted to continue on that. I favourite part is the go kart bit because I really like driving. I liked presenting my poem because everyone was amazed. My next poem is going to be about chicken because its yummy!’


Today is school,

my brother thinks I’m a fool,

on my way to school I found a wig,

and I rode on a bike eating a fig.

People think school is boring,

I hear them groaning,

finally it’s break,

while Mike ate cake.

I ran around,

found my friends hid out of bounds,

now it’s english,

where we wrotes stories of witches.

My favourite lesson is science,

where we saw an appliance,

we did some art,

based on go-karts.

The day’s nearly done,

it’s not a pun,

now it’s home time,

my favourite go-time.

Today was fun,

now it’s done,

it’s time for bed,

I had a sleepover with my friend Ned.

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