World Children’s Day

Children and young people are at the centre of our charity. We believe in each child’s right to a great education and great opportunities. This is why, 13 years ago in June 2006, our founding director set up the very first Learning Hub at the Millin Centre in Benwell.

Our Learning Hubs are safe spaces where children and young people can receive extra educational support, so they can reach academic success.

Now, we run 14 Learning Hub sessions across the week in Slatyford, Benwell, Meadow Well, Throckley, Westgate, Scotswood, Arthur’s Hill and Blakelaw.

We reach a total of 170 children and young people each week.

At the Arthur’s Hill hub, we discussed all the important things children have the right to. This was to highlight how much they knew about the rights they are entitled to.

Here is what they came up with: