What Skills Are Young People Gaining From Our Code Club?

The success of Code Club continues as children develop new skills and build new friendships.

The club made the move online in late October 2020 due to the pandemic.

To accommodate the demand an additional Code Club date was added.

Code Club now runs every Wednesday and Thursday during the term, from 4:30 pm-6:00 pm.

To learn more about the skills children were gaining during the sessions, we spoke to Jack Kennedy, Code Club Leader.

Here are the six skills that children gain from attending Code Club:

  1. Coding skills

The club is designed to equip young people with coding skills.  A 21st-century skill that prepares children for the future.

Currently, the club uses Scratch, a visual programming software designed with kids in mind. Its visually appealing interface empowers children to develop a passion for coding whilst also developing creativity and problem-solving skills.

For more information on the advantages of Scratch, click here

  1. Instils a ‘can-do’ attitude

Both Jack and Kirsty Hayward, STEM Engagement Manager, are on hand throughout the sessions to offer guidance and support.

However, children are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions.

Children learn more effectively when they are encouraged to do things for themselves, whether that is to think creatively or critically. 

It ultimately instils a positive attitude that the children can take into their lives outside of the club.

Jack explained: “What we tend to do, is we give them [the children] a half-finished game, guide or theme and then we let them build on that and make their own choices. So it’s not always prescriptive it’s more like take this how you want and use your own ideas.”

Jack Kennedy
  1. Making friends in a supportive community 

With schools closing their doors and mixing with other families prohibited, lockdown was an isolating period for many adults and children alike.

Creating a safe and supportive online environment has been key to the success of Code Club.

As Jack highlighted; “there’s that community sort of feel as well, because the kids tend to help each other.”

The social element provided by Code Club has enabled children to form new friendships.

  1. Builds self-confidence & ignites curiosity:

As weeks go by, Jack notices that the children’s self-confidence rockets. This ultimately ignites their curiosity for learning and the world that surrounds them.

Children start asking more intriguing questions, their personality shines through their presentations, and asking for help becomes less challenging.

  1. Resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity:

By building the children’s self-confidence and improving their self-esteem, children build resilience and perseverance.

During the first session, many of the children who join Code Club have limited to no experience of coding. There is also the pressure of having to present in front of a new social circle, which at first is daunting even for adults.

Ultimately, the experience tests and develops the children’s perseverance and resilience.

  1. Improves communication and presentation skills

At the end of every session, the young people get the opportunity to present their project. It’s a chance to showcase their work, talk through what they’ve done, their process and what the next steps are for their project.

Code Club is more than just programming. It’s a space that ignites curiosity, fuels passion and skyrockets self-confidence.

If you’d like further information or would to sign your child/children up, please email us at info@s4a.org.uk

Our staff and volunteers go above and beyond for every single child involved. They are invested in empowering young people and are passionate about igniting their curiosity, whether that be in Code Club or Creativity Club.