We’re Well Wednesdays – The Health Jigsaw

When we think about health, the first thing we usually think about having a healthy body. This is what we call our physical health. Although physical health is one of the most important parts of our wellbeing, it’s only 1 part of the health jigsaw. Find out about the different pieces of the jigsaw below, as well as some things that you can do to look after each one.

1. Physical health – this is all about looking after our bodies and eating healthily.

Self-care activities:

  • Try to get at least 8 hours sleep a night
  • Move your body regularly – take a walk, stretch, dance
  • Drink plenty of water (2-3Ls a day)


2. Emotional/Mental health – this is about how we manage our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It’s about how we feel about ourselves, other people and the things that happen in our lives and being able to express our emotions.

Self-care activities:

  • Use one of the breathing techniques we shared last week to help you feel calm when you get frustrated, angry, stressed or anxious
  • Write down how you feel
  • Get support – we all need help at times and some things may be too big to handle alone.

https://www.kooth.com (This website offers free support services for young people)


3. Social health – this is about how we interact and communicate with others. It’s about having good relationships with family, friends and our community.

Self-care activities:

  • Connect with at least one person each day by phone, text or face-time.
  • Get to know a friend or family member a little better – interview each other to discover more about your likes/dislikes, hopes, dreams and past experiences. one person each day. Call, email, text or visit


4. Spiritual health – this is about how well we connect with our inner world and also the world around us. It’s about having a set of beliefs and values that we live by, feeling like we have a purpose in life and also that life has meaning.

Self-care activities:

https://www.harpersbazaar.com/…/coronavirus-pandemic-how-t…/ (Here are some ideas of how you can help others during this times)


5. Mind Health – this is also known as cognitive health or intellectual health. Mind health is about keeping our brain working well providing it with challenges like creative activities as well a gaining new knowledge and skills.

Self-care activities:

  • Read a book
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Learn something new, for example, a new card game


6. Environmental health – this is all about looking after nature, the environment and our surroundings in order to keep ourselves safe and well.

Self-care activities:

  • Spend some time outdoors
  • Tidy or organise your room
  • Create some artwork to decorate an area of your home that you use a lot


7. Occupational health – this is about our job being a good fit for our skills and talents, enjoying what we do and also having a balance between work and the other things we do in our lives.

Self-care activities:

  • Think/talk about what you enjoy doing at school and at home
  • Make a list of at least 3 things that you’re good

All the pieces of the health jigsaw work together to keep us well. Let us know in the comments below which pieces of the puzzle you think you’re looking after well and which pieces you’d like to focus on more.

You could try picking a suggestion from each area and giving it a go – Share this with us online (Facebook – @S4ALearningHubs and Instagram – @success4Allcio)

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