Wax Lyrical Mondays – Dear Planet Earth,

Our volunteer Lizzie Adeniken wrote a ‘letter to the Earth’ which fit perfectly with Volunteers Coordinator, Stella Simbo’s video.

Dear Planet Earth,

We have made you poorly.

We are directly responsible for the loss of land mass in recent years and we have depleted you of your supply of fresh water. We have driven many species away from natural habitats both in the sea and sky, sadly many have even become extinct.

We have placed our needs above yours, it has been a very long time since we as one global community have considered your needs and requirements.

I would like to apologise, planet earth, for the way we have treated you.
But words are not enough, we need to act.

Right now, as the world self-isolates and mourns the effects of this unprecedented pandemic, we are beginning to see a small flicker of hope. You are timidly pushing the boundaries and emerging from places which were once a safe haven from the effects of our lifestyle. For example, we have seen dolphins return to your waters due to decrease in the number of our cruise ships.

This change is small yet amazing and echoes the truth that if we start making changes nature will respond. Earth, we know this sickness could take a lifetime or two to be cured but every step taken today is a step in the right direction.

Earth, a small flicker brings the promise of a fire. If we all start a flicker or two then it may not be long before we see the flames of change.

Yours Sincerely,
A friend.

Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/S4ALearningHubsandClubs/videos/2874472392776775/