Have you ever wondered who becomes a trustee?

Trustees play a very important role in a charity, as they make sure all decisions put the needs of the people the charity supports first. At Success4All, we have 6 trustees and you can find out more about them here: https://www.s4a.org.uk/about-us/our-trustees/

Have you ever wondered who becomes a trustee? Rayan, a young person who has attended Success4All’s Learning Hubs, interviewed a new trustee who was about to join Success4All to find out more.
Over to Rayan:


Trustee Interview with John Quinn

1. What are your hobbies and interests? And what do you enjoy the most?

I started off by asking him what he enjoys in his spare time, he responded by expressing his love for gardening and going for walks, especially during the lockdown. He also explained that before the lockdown he enjoyed going to the gym and watching his favourite football team, Newcastle, play. He also showed interest in watching other sports such as cricket and rugby.


2.What do you know about Success4All (S4A)?

He showed his knowledge of S4A by saying that it was founded by Caroline in 2006. He said that S4A’s target was to help improve the employment chances of children who are deprived of learning. He also expressed his knowledge of the new learning bus and that there were 15 learning hubs, 97 clubs and 15 projects.

Photo of young person, Rayan, who interviewed a trustee
Photo of Rayan on the phone to John, one of our trustees.

3.What are the skills and qualities do you feel you bring to the table?

John Quinn has got 32 years of experience in the field of accounting, he has 27 years in industry working in different types of organisations. He has a wide network of contacts that he feels that will help develop the Success4All.


4.How else do you feel you can contribute to the organisation apart from being a trustee?

He showed knowledge in the Nolan Principles, which will help Success4All and that will mean he will stick to the guidelines and legislations. He believes in the Catchphrase ‘Eyes on Hands off’. He wants to help improve approaches such as risks, and making the meetings more efficient etc.


5.Would you be committed to being a long term trustee?

He would like to be a long term trustee and believes in having 10 years to do so; and either being re-elected or if they feel they did everything they can they step down. He believes that they might leave, depending on if they need people with those skill set or not.


6.Would you actively participate in clubs and events the organisation holds?

He would enjoy participating in clubs and events held but, depending on his time commitments. He doesn’t have strong family commitments since his children have grown up therefore will be able to spend more time helping out Success4All.

John Quinn, one of our trustees



7.Have you got any other experiences of being a trustee?

John has had past experiences in being a trustee, he has been a trustee for the SMART Multi Academy Trust. He has gained communication skills and a wide network of contacts through his past experiences and feels that this will help Success4All in the future, if they need help in a specific field.


How did you find the interview Rayan? 

I feel the interview went well as planned and it was a good experience for me. John Quinn has a good knowledge of education and his involvement with other local school led programmes and having a wider skill set on different areas, he will be an asset to the organisation to have someone like him onboard to navigate us on the right direction to grow and achieve the mission.