Success4All Sparks Curiosity in Creativity Club

Six-year-old Maisy showcasing her work with a beaming smile. Photography provided by Lisa.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

That’s exactly what we’ve been encouraging in Creativity Club.

In partnership with Blakelaw Community Centre, Creativity Club is a STEM art and crafts club that makes learning exciting.

Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes and offers children the chance to explore a wide range of topics.

Due to the pandemic, the club was forced to make the transition online.

However, the shift was made as smooth as possible thanks to Club Leader, Olivia Keenan, and STEM Engagement Officer, Emma Clark, who are both on hand to guide and support the children throughout the sessions.

Success4All was able to equip the children by providing and delivering all the resources that each activity required, making sure no child was left out.

Children are encouraged in making recommendations for what activity they would like to do and what topics they would like to explore.

Not only does this ensure that children turn up motivated and excited for the session, but it also empowers and builds their confidence outside of our sessions and into their daily lives.

For six-year-old Maisy, Creativity Club was more than just an arts and crafts session. It was a space where she flourished and radiated with confidence.

“Her confidence came out on zoom”, explained Olivia.

Lisa, Maisy’s mum, also concurred: “You’ve changed her into a craftswoman. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing she finds out how she can turn it into a different product”, she informed Olivia.

Creativity Club is about giving children the confidence and the skills they need to flourish.

If you’d like your child to join Creativity Club, email us