Success4All Coders

by Emily Wastell on June 17, 2015

Success4All started our first Code Club in September of last year, and we now run three across the city. Our Club members have been learning to program computers, and have produced an impressive range of games and animations. Some of these can be seen on the Kids Kabin (  and Success4All ( Scratch web pages.

The Clubs have been a great success, attracting children aged from 5 to 18. Some of our Coders are already planning careers as programmers or games designers.

We started teaching Scratch, but some children have moved on to Python and JavaScript. We’ve also diversified into image manipulation with Sumo Paint, and animation with Pivot, giving the children a wealth of opportunities for computer-based creativity.

Our Code Clubs have just received a massive boost, in the form of a £10,000 grant from the 1989 Willan Charitable Trust. This will secure the future of these clubs, and allow us to expand our provision to new areas.

Most exciting of all, this grant will allow us to buy Lego robot kits, which can be programmed to sense and respond to the world around them. We’re very excited to see what kind of robots our coders will create!