STEM Outreach Supports Over 570 Children & Young People Over The Summer Holidays

Thanks to our STEM outreach funders Reece Foundation, The Watson Family Trust & Newcastle’s Best Summer Ever, Success4All’s summer STEM outreach programme supported over 570 children & young people over the 2021 summer holidays.

Our team delivered a wide range of STEM activities both in our Learning Bus and community centres across the North East.

From making musical instruments and learning about the physics of sound to constructing terrariums, our team has had a wonderful time meeting and engaging children, young people and their families with science, technology, engineering and maths.

Our STEM Engagement Officer, Emma Clark, said: “The summer outreach sessions were great fun. It was lovely to meet so many children and young people across Newcastle and to see them really getting stuck into our activities.”

For our Volunteers Coordinator, Stella Simbo, the experience was everything and more than she had hoped for: “Being part of the Success4All’s outreach team this Summer holiday was an absolute joy.

“I was afforded the opportunity to visit parts of Newcastle which, although I’ve lived in Newcastle for over 35 years, I had little or no idea of previously. I discovered the work of some wonderful community groups doing fantastic work.

“It was also a real privilege to work more directly with children and young people who hadn’t engaged with us previously and my experiences re-affirmed my belief that given correct activity, an openness of mind and spirit, and a willingness to really get to know the individual in front of you, fruitful relationships can be formed in a short space of time and every child can be engaged, have fun and gain a really positive experience of their own learning which they can take forward.”

The team completed 32 outreach projects and 10 Learning Bus events. They reached 18 community centres and schools throughout the 6 weeks holidays.

We think they’ve done an incredible job igniting curiosity!


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