Spring Holiday Club Roundup

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Photographed: 8-year-old Sami who attended Success4All’s Spring Holiday Club 2022. Photograph by Success4All

Thanks to funding from StreetGames UK, Success4All was able to deliver a free, 4-day Spring Holiday Club, which ran during the Easter holidays.

With support from 4 volunteers, who once again demonstrated just how committed our volunteers are to fighting educational inequality, the club supported 38 children and young people aged 5 to 15.

By adopting our tried and tested Summer School format, we were able to ensure that the activities we had planned kept the children and young people mentally and physically stimulated during their time with us.

With StreetGames’s funding, we were also able to provide all the children and young people with free breakfast and lunch for the 4-days they were with us.

Since the theme for the club was nutrition, it was only fitting that we invited Maria Eurétes Barradas, Founder of Vegan By Goreti, to cater for our Spring Holiday Club.

9-year-old Jumaymah who attended Success4All's Spring Holiday Club shows her hands covered in cacao powder from making protein balls.

9-year-old Jumaymah makes protein balls for the first time. Photograph by Success4All

“It was an absolute pleasure being part of this initiative. It was great to share vegan food with the children and see how much they enjoyed it. Hopefully, it has shown them that vegan food can be exciting and delicious,” said Maria.

It wasn’t just vegan food we wanted the children to get excited about. It was also the activities we had planned for them that were designed to help them build healthy habits at home.

Some of the activities involved going on a daily walk, practising mindfulness and trying new recipes that incorporated different fruits, vegetables and seeds. One of the activities even entailed getting the children to make toothpaste, a perfect activity that provided our STEM team with the opportunity to introduce chemistry and biology whilst still sticking to the theme of nutrition. This particular activity allowed the children to think about dental hygiene and the effects of consuming too much processed sugar can have on our minds and body.

Things did get messy, but it was great fun.

Watch what we got up to