Meet Jack: Success4All’s Code Club Leader & Online Tutor.

Q- How many people does it take to inspire a child?

A- Just one.

Jack has inspired so many of our young people here at Success4All.

As our very own Code Club Leader and online tutor, Jack continues to go above and beyond for every single young person that he works with.

Volunteering was a no brainer for him, as he puts it: “If we were not here, then we would not be able to help these young people.”

Jack’s dedication and commitment to supporting the children and young people of our region make him an exceptional role model.

It’s time for you to meet him!

What’s your role with Success4All?
My role is currently Code Club Leader, but I also tutor on Tuesdays.

How long have you been with Success4All?
I started my journey with Success4All just over a year ago at Arthurs Hill as a tutor befriender, then moved over to Westgate Hub with Stella.

What inspired you to join Success4All?
If we [Success4All] weren’t here, then we would not be able to help these young people.

If you have a terrible experience with a teacher, it sets you off. Whereas, if you have someone who is there to engage with you, it can change how you view education.

What does a typical day in your life look like?
I’m currently studying computer science and geography in sixth form, so my day involves attending online lessons.

When I’m not working on my academic work, I’ll either be tutoring on a Tuesday or running Code Club on a Thursday. The sessions typically last around an hour to an hour and a half. Most of the preparation for Code Club I’ll do during the week when I have a few hours to spare, whilst tutoring prep I’ll do over the weekend. I usually follow it up with a mid-day nap.

The work I do with Success4All provides a nice break and a chance to socialise.

What motivates you?
As a completionist, being able to reflect on how far I have come motivates me.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I must confess I do play lots of video games, which ties in a lot with my coding experience and the work I do with Code Club. I’ve also recently applied to study geography at university, which is a bit of a wild card, but I enjoy geography.

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