Investigate Thursdays – Growing spring onions

Did you know that some plants and vegetables can grow from just water?! This month, our STEM Engagement Manager Kirsty trying this out with some spring onions.

Kirsty said: “It was really exciting to watch the spring onion regrow on my sunny windowsill over the last month”.

This might also work with leeks, celery, lettuce and cabbage. Make sure you save the roots and base of stalks of the veggies you want to regrow from dinner from going in the bin! Keep in water, but only submerge the roots, and place in a sunny window.

If you don’t have any spring onions, but have some spare dried beans around – try this growing a bean in a jar experiment from Science Sparks

We’d love to see your regrowing vegetables, so get in touch if you give this activity a go!