Introducing the STAND4 Podcast

Our STAND4 youth group would like to introduce you to the STAND4 Podcast: Change For the Better.

In this interview-style podcast, STAND4 ask the big questions to guests in positions of power.

From politicians, lawyers, academics to authors- this podcast aims to demonstrate to the youth of today that no matter their circumstances they can achieve their goals and aspirations.

Episode 1 will be launching on Thursday 14th April 2022.

Before its creation, the group completed a 2-day podcast workshop delivered by, Demola from Catbol Media Agency. The workshop introduced all the components involved in launching a podcast, from production to marketing and even the more intricate details such as search engine optimisation, Demoal covered it all.

STAND4 found the training immensely beneficial as it helped them envision their podcast.

STAND4 youth group convene around a table with workshop host, Demola presenting at the front

Demola from Catbol Media Agency delivering a podcasting workshop

Alongside the intensive training, the group also had to secure funding from the Key – a charity that inspires belief in young people, aged 11-25, across the North East of England.

As part of the Key framework, STAND4 had to pitch their podcast concept to the Key panel. The group were successfully awarded the funding.

Now, 4 months later, the group is ready to share their hard work with you.

You can follow the STAND4 Podcast on anchor by clicking, here.


Message from STAND4

The podcast is incredibly important as it provides young people such as ourselves the opportunity to convey messages that are important to us, and that we believe must be shared with a wider audience.

In this season we talk to people from diverse backgrounds about their carers and the barriers they faced growing up.

Our target audience is you- the youth of today, our peers, our friends, those who share the same thoughts and opinions and those who haven’t had this sort of media representation before.

How did you find the experience?

The process has been collaborative every step of the way and this is the element we’ve loved the most. Although not all the members hosted an episode, everyone’s voices & opinions were heard and taken on board.

What did you learn from the experience?

As a group, we’ve learned the importance of conveying a message, effectively communicating, and putting ourselves out there.