International Day for Women and Girls in Science

On Sunday the 11th of February 2018, it was the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This day has been dedicated to celebrate all those women who fight stigma surrounding fulfilment of gender criteria when embarking on a career in science. The UN decided that women should get recognition in science as they are often disregarded in this field simply because of their gender.

Here at Success4All, we have run a range of STEM related clubs and programmes including:

  • Our summer school which has ran every year since 2007 which has been specifically STEM focused since 2015.
  • Our code clubs which run 4 times a week and started in 2014
  • Our new STEM challenge programme which we have delivered in schools since the start of this academic year.

Despite STEM not being something immediately appealing as a career for many girls we have encouraged girls to take part in many of our STEM clubs and programmes. These programmes were run to get more young people involved in scientific professions which they have a passion for.

By supporting women and girls in their ambitions for STEM careers, we know that this will enable then to really believe they can flourish in these areas.

We hope that we can do our part to help raise awareness of the need to provide more girls and women opportunity to explore STEM in order to balance gender inequality in employment in Science.