“I Want To Enrol Into The Open University”

35-year-old carer and mum of 3, Anum. Photograph provided by Anum

Completing an online google suite course might sound mundane for a few people, but for a 35-year-old carer and mum of 3, Anum, the Frontline Women training offered more than she could imagine.

The training not only equipped and empowered Anum, but it also gave her hope of completing a degree, as she shares here:

One of the main reasons I applied for the course is that I’ve been homeschooling my two girls and my older son. I’ve been following my instinct with Google Suite, and when I saw the course advertised in a parent for special needs children Facebook group, I thought I could fill in any gaps that I might have, as I’ve never had any formal training in it before.

My favourite part of the course was getting a Chromebook and using it. The Success4All tutors were also wonderful, really kind, informative and patient.

The course has allowed me to think, you know, what else can I do?

It has given me hope to enrol at the Open University and start a degree in mathematics and economics.

With insight into what it’s like to complete an online course, and motivation to do something for herself, partaking in the training has meant that Anum can invest in herself.