FAQ’s from Parents – Struggling with Learning

One of the most frequently asked questions from the parents is: What if I think my child is having problems at school with bullying?

At some point of their school life, children will be likely to experience some social issues. For a young person, these issues can be quite difficult to deal with alone and can range from a minor to severe issue so have to be dealt with carefully and firmly. At Succsess4All we believe that problems such as bullying can cause hindrances in a child’s learning and happiness and can be spotted best by those closest to the child as well as those that come in contact frequently with the child. As a duty of care to the children that attend the learning hubs and clubs, we will always report any suspicions of problems that could be affecting your child back to you, the parents as well as the school so that any problems that could be occurring can be solved.

As a parent you will know the behaviour patterns of your child the best and so if you are having worries about the safety of your child’s emotional and/or physical wellbeing, here are some of the actions that we suggest: talking to your child to understand how they feel, speak to teachers that see the child in school, to see if they have similar views about any changes in your child’s behaviour as well as the staff here at Success4All.

For more information, a useful site to visit is:


This site will be able to give you more information about how to spot bullying and what actions you can take to stop this.

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