FAQ’s from Parents – Extra Study Resources

FAQ – Summer Holiday Learning

The school year is coming to an end, and everyone is looking forward to the summer holiday break. In this time, we would love to leave our brains in the classroom however, this is the perfect time for children to channel their minds into leaning new topics. We encourage parents to help their children to access useful resources like the internet on websites like www.bbc.co.uk where they will be able to access learning materials to support them. They will range from games, mini-tests, activities, information and worksheets to explore in their own time.

Another great educational material is books which children can access at the local Library, online or even at home. There may be a particular series of books that interests them or genre which could open up their minds to new ideas and thoughts. They could learn all about the animal kingdom or widen their imagination inside a good book.

Another great learning method is working with other people such as a tutor. At Success4All, we run Learning Hubs and Clubs though the academic school year. During this time, children can look over the topics they may be struggling in in school, learning something new or completing homework. Within the Summer Holidays we run a Summer School for children aged 5-16. This year, it will be held for 3 weeks from July till August. In this time, children will give the opportunity to take part in activities such as arts and crafts, gardening, cooking and other learning based activities surrounding the idea of STEM around the world.

Whether they want to get a head start on the next academic year, or want a refresh on some previous topics they have looked at, these resources can support your child’s learning.

To find out more about Learning Hubs and Clubs or our summer school, please contact us at Tel: 0191 273 2229