Easter Study Support

During the Easter break, many of the children who attend our Learning Hubs took part in Easter Study Support Sessions. During this week they started each day with tuition followed by afternoon activity filled sessions with PlayinNewcastle.

The tutees worked with their volunteers through the weeks morning sessions on topics they wanted to improve in using workbooks provided alongside their own learning materials.

Following this session and Lunch, the children took part in activities with PlayinNewcastle including Circle games, cooking, Arts and Crafts, gardening and much more.

The children made fidget spinners, Easter bonnets, chromatography flowers and musical instruments. Here are a few of them.

The British Red Cross also visited us to teach the children key life skills including first aid in their workshop. This taught them how to keep themselves and others safe in real life situations.

In the cooking session, the children learnt how to safely chop up vegetables to make their soup. On the final afternoon of Easter Study Support, the children, volunteers, parents and staff were all able to enjoy a meal together that the children had prepared the day before.

We hope everyone enjoyed Easter Study Support this year!