DofE Volunteering with Success4All

Your volunteering hours with Success4All count towards your DofE Award

Success4All tutor pointing at CGP book. Your volunteering hours with Success4All count towards your DofE Award.

Are you completing your Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award and looking for DofE volunteering opportunities where your hours can count towards your award?

Volunteering with Success4All, whether online or in-person, is a great way to work towards your Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The hours you volunteer with us can count towards the volunteering, skills and community sections for any DofE level.

To express your interest and gain more information about our volunteering opportunities, please get in touch with our volunteering team directly by emailing

What is the DofE Award?

The DofE Award is an experience for 14 to 24-year-olds to take part in. It provides young people with an opportunity to develop and discover new interests and skills which can support their future studies and careers.

The DofE Award is a recognised achievement mark, respected by employers and educational providers.

How many levels are there to the DofE Award?

There are three levels to the DofE Award young people can work towards; Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

To complete the Bronze and Silver levels, young people must complete four DofE sections. For the Gold level, there are five sections young people must complete.

What are the DofE sections?

The DofE sections include:

  • Helping the community/environment,
  • becoming fitter,
  • developing new skills,
  • planning, training for and completing an expedition,
  • working with a team on a residential activity (Gold only).

Who can take part in the DofE?

The DofE Award is open to all young people- regardless of ability, gender, background or location.

What skills do young people gain from completing the DofE Award?

In addition to developing their social skills, young people also improve their self-esteem and build confidence. They gain skills which enhance their CVs and university and job applications.