Block 2 Rewards Card Winners

Congratulations to our second block of online tutoring reward card winners:

  • Shannon
  • Yasmin
  • Esha

Each tutee has now received a £20 gift card of their choice.

The Process

During the first tutoring session, tutees are asked to design their own avatars.

These avatars are then used as virtual stickers which are rewarded to the tutees at the end of each tutoring session.

The virtual stickers are added to a “Reward Card.”

In the first session, each tutee is also asked to choose at least 5 Learning Behaviour Challenges.

At the end of each tutoring session, the volunteer tutor and the tutee decide how well they completed the challenge.

The tutee can earn up to 3 avatar points per session.

Each avatar point counts as one entry into a virtual draw to win one of three £20 vouchers.

In total each tutee can accumulate 15 Avatar points.

What are Learning Behaviour Challenges?

Learning Behaviour Challenges are designed to promote an understanding of how to manage emotions, develop accountability and instil resilience.

Tutees are responsible for setting their own Learning Behaviour Challenges, all of which are essential life skills.

Below are some examples of Learning Behaviour Challenges children choose:

  • To share my opinions respectfully.
  • To arrive at sessions organised and ready to learn.
  • To try different ways to solve a problem.
  • To ask questions and look for information to help me understand better.
  • To take feedback from my tutor and use it to help me make my work even better.
  • To take part in conversations and discussions during sessions.
  • To listen carefully to my tutor and try to follow the instructions and directions during sessions.
  • To can say what is great about my work and what I could change to make it better.

How we choose the three winners

One avatar point counts as one entry to the draw. We use the tutee’s name as the entry. A tutee’s name can be added a maximum of 15 times into the draw.

A free online tool that can be used to pick a random name and winner from a list of names is used to select the three winners.

Using the link below you can see the results of the draw.