Black History Month 2019

This past month of October, Success4All has been celebrating Black History Month at the Learning Hubs. We have read books, played games and even tried some activities all surrounding black history.


Titles of books we have read are: ‘Peoples Of The World’ by David Maybury-Lewis and Wade Davis and ‘One Big Family’ by Ifeoma Onyefulu.

Asking one of the volunteers at the Benwell Hub, Sophie, about what she thought about introducing books linked to Black History Month at the Hub, She said: ‘I think it’s good because it’s opening people’s minds to different cultures.’

Science at Thomas Walling

Mae Jemison was the first African-American women in space. Whilst in space she conducted experiments on bone cells, motion sickness and weightlessness.

At the Thomas Walling STEM Club, the children created rockets which took flight using air pressure rocket launchers. They had a blast!

Ayo Game

Children and young people at the Benwell Hub played the Ayo game. Two players move seeds around a board with 8 grooves carved into it. The aim of the game is to capture the other players seeds.

Many of the young people had never played the Ayo game before but picked up the rules very quickly.