Easter Bake Off and Bus Event

During Easter Study Support, the WEYDA Group hosted their first event. It was split in two activities:

A Bake Off with the young people taking part in Easter Study Support who answered questions about Propaganda and Fake News to collect tokens. They traded the tokens for ingredients to decorate their cake bases. The WEYDA Group were able to understand how much the young people knew about Propaganda by the answers they gave.

Before the event, the WEYDA Group planned the questions they would ask, what ingredients they needed, as well as what roles they would take on the day.

The other activity taking place was a Fake News quiz on The Learning Bus. The Group designed the quiz with the support of Phil from ‘Clued up Kids’ to collect the views of people in the local community. WEYDA members welcomed people onto the bus and talked to them about their project. They also guided them through the quiz and explained how to use the clickers.

The Group’s next stage is planning more events to bring the community together. We will be advertising them on our social media channels very soon, so keep a look out!