Aviva Community Fund Winners!

by Emily Wastell on June 29, 2015

This year Aviva Community Fund launched a competition to secure funding for important causes in the community.

Back in April, they encouraged anyone and everyone to submit a project, as long as it made a difference to the community. There were 4 levels of funding and 4 categories to choose from; S4A went for £10,000Supporting the Younger Generation with an aim to keep our West End Learning Hubs going next academic year.

After submitted projects were accepted, the projects went live for the public to see. The way it worked was that, the projects with the highest votes would be left to stand against the Aviva Community Fund Judging Panel. So for the whole of May, Success4All worked really hard to secure votes from friends, family, our stakeholders and all of our community supporters. And it was a success! Thanks to our parents, volunteers, young people, staff, friends, family, other local organisations and businesses, we rallied up 5629, meaning we got through to panel!

June was a long month for us, we’ve been on the edge of our seats with everything crossed! We were all sat in the office this morning like any other Monday, when we received the email that started with ‘Congratulations’. It’s safe to say it didn’t feel like a standard Monday morning anymore, and lots of hugs and shouts were shared.

It’s amazing to be able to announce to our supporters that we are winners, and even more so because without these very people, we would not have gone as far in the competition as we did. Thank you to Aviva Community Fund for providing the opportunity for us to continue our work in the community. We hope to reach more children, young people and their parents,  and provide more volunteering opportunities to give local people the skills to make their community thrive and flourish.