Abbas’ Success Story

Recently at school, I achieved an A* in business studies. My target was a B, however, by putting in the effort and working hard I exceeded my target. Business was one of my weaker subjects as it was quite challenging, especially the longer questions which required more detail. I believe this was because I had not practiced as much in these areas before attending the Learning Hubs; coming to the Learning Hubs has allowed me to find the time to practice this style of question.

By practicing I have improved my ability of answering long style questions. I didn’t expect it but was elated to get the grade I got. One of the tutors Jignesh helped me a lot with business studies including the theories, for example, what happens to a business when it does not make enough sales. I believe that the support I got at the Hub helped me to achieve in business.

I started attending the Success4All Hub in September 2017 at the start of the school year. I was looking for some tuition for school because I was starting to struggle with understanding some of the topics in each of my courses.  It was suggested to me to attend the Hubs by my Mum who realised I was struggling, I then decided to try the Wingrove one to see whether this support would benefit me.

After a few sessions I began to realise that the help I was given was working as I started to improve in my school work and my understanding of the lessons in school, this was as I understood much more of the topics when I recapped them.

I’m glad I started to come to the Learning Hub as now I know how much I’ve improved. I was pleasantly surprised that the sessions were not too strict as this means that you can get on with your work in your own time. I can plan my revision times much better now than I did before because of through the experience I gained with time management and regular revision at the Learning Hubs.