World Teacher’s Day 2019

Today, 5th of October, is World Teacher’s Day. This day celebrates the important role that teachers play in young people’s lives and education. Whether sharing knowledge about Shakespeare or giving guidance in solving simultaneous equations, teaches are always working to help their students reach their academic goals and fulfil their potential.

At our Learning Hubs, our volunteers take on the role of tutor-befrienders. They work with tutees providing encouragement and support to tackle the difficult topics sometimes covered in school. Many of our volunteers also take on the role in order to build upon their own skills and gain experience in working with children and young people. A few also choose to take on this role to develop their interest in becoming a teacher.


One of our past volunteers, Phillip, supported our Westgate Learning Hub every Monday and Wednesday last year. His aim was to become a primary school teacher and, we’re delighted to say that he has started his PGCE primary training.

Phillip says: “Volunteering at the Westgate Learning Hub reinforced my desire to help children succeed and provided extra experience to put on my application for teacher training. It was also a valuable experience in itself, as I developed an understanding of the content and explanation of the core curriculum, as well as assessing children’s work and giving them specific feedback on it.”


“I observed management of a large group of pupils and I was even put in charge of this a few times while Stella (Learning Hub Coordinator) was talking to staff or parents about something.

My time volunteering for S4A was very rewarding. The staff and other volunteers were all friendly and helpful and I felt I could always rely on them if I had any problems.

Finally, I will remember the children I worked with not just because of everything I learned from them, but because I felt a real connection and that I genuinely helped them.”

We wish Phillip the best of luck on his PGCE training and know he will make a wonderful teacher!