Reece Foundation’s Funding Helps Equip & Empower Local Families During Lockdown

Thanks to funding from Reece Foundation, Success4All has been able to distribute 300 Winter Activity Kits to children and young people, from across the North East.

Each kit contained:

  • Five educational and enquiry-based projects.
  • All the resources required.
  • Guidance and Support booklet for parents and guardians.

The national lockdown restrictions along with the school closures caught many by surprise. It was no different for families living in the North East.

Success4All wanted to support children and families during this difficult period. This came in the form of creating and distributing Winter Activity Kits.

For one parent, the kits were warmly welcomed, they said: “holidays in these extraordinary times are getting very difficult. Kids have been super excited today and it gave us something to do as a family. We even get baba (dad) involved!”

One of the activity was focused on showing gratitude to others.

Kirsty Hayward, STEM Engagement Manager, said: “We encouraged the children to make a gift for somebody important in their life. That can maybe be their parents, or it could be somebody else who was important to them.

“We had children telling us that they’d made one to their grandparents you know, just something to stay connected over the holidays.”

100% of the parents who responded to our questionnaire said they enjoyed the winter activity kits.

The kit united family members, it provided them with a chance to work together whilst supporting their mental-wellbeing.

For another parent, the Winter Activity Kit was a lifeline.

They explained: “It was great to have go-to activities with the kids when emotions were running high and sleep was deprived. All of us have loved them. We’ve saved some too so hurrah to the packs for Lockdown #3!”

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