Commitment to and from the young people in the community

by Emily Wastell on November 21, 2013 

It was great to read the news today that the leaders of Britain are coming together to make a commitment to young people and ensuring their involvement in social action as well as money investments in this area. Read the full article at –

The purpose of it is to get young people more involved in their communities and breaking down the barriers that exist that stop them.

S4A supports this and urges other individuals, businesses, schools and colleges, youth organisations and voluntary organisations to do the same and make a pledge to Step up to Serve agreeing for young people to play more of a part in social action and promising to make it happen.

Success4All believes in ‘Young People Learning From Each Other’. This has been our motto since the founding moments of our organisation. Young people at University come together in our community learning hubs and clubs offering their help, support and guidance to other children and young people.

Not only are our volunteers the age of students, but increasingly we are training the children and young people that come to our learning hubs and clubs to become peer tutors/befrienders themselves. Our young volunteers are excellent befrienders, they are a huge help and we are encouraging more to take on the role. Last year one of these children turned young volunteer was nominated and awarded a Princess Diana Award! (Read more about this at In this way S4A is not only helping communities, but the young people of the communities are taking it into their own hands.

Furthermore, our West End Young Digital Artists (WEYDA) group was set up by a group of young people from the west end of Newcastle, who are passionate about graphic design, drawing, cartoons and filming. They are now in the process of becoming their own young enterprise and are using their skills to do commissioned pieces of work.

In everything we do, we always ask for the input of the young people in our learning hubs. We will continue to think up and offer them more opportunities to get involved in creating a successful future for all in their communities.