A Very Important Interview With Danielle King – Japanese Club Leader

by Busola Afolabi on November 22, 2013


So….. What’s your name?

‘Danielle King or Dannie with the name badge’

What are you doing at this exact moment while answering my difficult questions?

‘I’m actually on the bus on the way home.’

What club do you run?

‘I currently run the Japanese club and in the near future will be hopefully running an Arabic club. (Fingers crossed)’

When and where does it run?

‘The Japanese club runs in Walker at 3 o’clock on Mondays.’

If you had a superpower for a day, what would you do and why?

‘Oddly it would be to understand any language, so I can listen to loads of peoples’ conversations like presidents of different countries. Im a bit nosey’

What interests you about the subject you teach?

The country and the language. Japan is a very diverse and beautiful country with a very rich history. Its writing system is very much image orientated and so it feels like you’re reading images.

What is your most expensive gift you have ever given?

‘I would say a flight to Jordan for my boyfriend… Don’t worry it was by EasyJet.’

What do you think came first the chicken or the egg, and why?

‘The egg because without the egg you wouldn’t have the chicken. However the egg probably wasn’t like the eggs we know now but was an organism.’

Do you have a special skill you would to share with us?

‘I’m very passionate about dyslexia especially when it is associated with languages. This is because i feel that dyslexic feel that they would be terrible at learning languages which is not the case at all, because they come up with the best strategies to learn.’

What was your favourite subject at school and why?

‘It was Japanese because it was taught in a fun and exciting way.’