Project Description


Local community centres are the heart and soul of most neighbourhoods, working directly with the families that need the most support. Success4All was set up to work in partnership with local communities to help them provide an extra service, allowing children and young people to access affordable tuition, in a safe and relaxed space. 

We can support the work you currently do by

  • Running a Learning Hub
  • Running a Club
  • Running a Summer School

Meadow Well Connected were really keen to work with Success4All as their model is so simple and their reputation is fantastic. Working with them has been amazing, they have been really supportive and proactive. Success4All was a totally new concept in our area so whilst it took a little while to get established, the pupils who attend get a great deal from it, as do the students who act as peer tutors. It has become an important part of our offer to the local community and we hope it will continue to grow.’

Mandi Cresswell, Meadow Well Connected

Running a Learning Hub

The Learning Hubs are a flexible service that can be tailored to meet the needs of your community, while offering an effective educational service that can enhance and extend mainstream education.

Most Hubs run after school for a maximum of an hour and a half, lead by a trained Learning Hub Coordinator, supported by 7/8 trained volunteer peer tutor befrienders.

Knowing that most community centres are grant dependent, we can work together to design specific services for your community’s needs and apply for a partnership grant.

If you would like more information about setting up a Learning Hub please get in touch.

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Running a Club

We love our Clubs, they are hands on, practical and explorative. They are the perfect opportunity to challenge children and young people to solve problems creatively.

Currently we have two Clubs that we can run in your community centre. There are:

STEM CLUB – STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Our STEM clubs give children and young people time to investigate with using practical experiments.

CODE CLUB – Our Code Clubs are all about exploring the world of coding and computers, having fun and working together. At Code Club, children and young people learn how to code using lots of different tools and programming languages including Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python.  We will also learn to control and play with LEGO robots, create controllers out of Picoboards and make portable games & gadgets with BBC micro:bits.

If you would like more information about setting up a Club please get in touch.

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Running a Summer School

The 6-week summer holidays can always be a struggle for parents to find affordable activities for their children, which is why we like to run a 3-week Summer School.Our Summer Schools are designed with a clear academic element to keep children physically and mentally stimulated.

If you are interested in how we could run a Summer School at your school, please email us

Otherwise, if you know of a family who would benefit you can always refer them to our nearest Summer School. Find the nearest Summer School.


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    ‘It is great to have a Success4All Learning Hub in our community building.  Seeing young people coming in to help younger children with their learning is inspiring.  Families that come into our centre can bring their children to join in the groups and some people who come along to the homework club learn about other things happening in the building.  Working with Success4All is a real partnership that helps both organisations do more to help children and their families.’

    Ann Bonner , Riverside Community Health Project

    ‘There is a great mix of cultures and ages, who attend, they interact very well with each other, in an atmosphere that is none threatening and which encourages learning. There is a lot of shared learning going on, the parents also talk to each other, and I have talked to other parents too, and have learnt about their lives and experiences.’

    Joyce Kane, Westgate Baptist Church – West End Refugee Befriender

    ‘We only have the experience of the summer school but we think it is an excellent programme.  Every year, there is the opportunity to do activities they have never done before. It is also an opportunity for our young people to meet other young people outside of their own groups. For our older young people, it gives them a chance to volunteer.  They find it a privilege and it benefits them in many ways as individuals and as a group.’

    Pat Eseonu, Nigerian Christian Youth

    ‘I refer a lot of people, parents and young children to the organisation, and it contributes to real achievement. It creates awareness amongst the children and the parents, the families of the education system in England.  It is really comprehensive.  It’s helped the children develop a good working attitude, which parents can’t support sometimes as English is their second language.’

    Iqbal Syed, Family Support Officer Newcastle City Council (2006-2018)