We know that the summer holidays are long and finding affordable activities for the children can be a difficult task, which is why we like to run a 3-week Summer School. Our summer school helps to keep children physically and mentally stimulated, by providing a busy schedule of activities for children aged 5 to 16. 

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Each year we need to finding funding to run our Summer Schools, so they remain affordable for every family. Keep checking our Facebook and this page for more information about our next Summer School.

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‘I would come here next year because I just like it, at home I would just be on my phone but when I come here I learn new things.’

Young Person

‘I enjoyed all of it! There were new friends and teachers and learning about new countries, I learnt about Belgium, Sierra Leone and Spain, and we are learning about Pakistan now.

Young Person

‘Ray loved to come to summer school and enjoyed it thoroughly. He seems to have received a lot of encouragements (such as you will be an important person someday) and he seems to have gained a lot of confidence by coming here every day. Thanks so so much!’


‘For both my children, they thoroughly enjoyed the varied activities on offer and visiting different places. Staff team as a whole was very friendly, caring and supportive. Will be back next year.’


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