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Success4All’s ethos has also always been about empowering young people to work together to discover new learning and solving problems – skills that are key in STEM subjects.

We run lots of engaging STEM workshops that we deliver in-person to schools. Our STEM activities cover key aspects of the science curriculum using a fully practical and hands-on investigative approach to learning.

We have a number of bookable events for schools. Namely 6-week long STEM challenges, and a selection of one-off STEM workshops.

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    Bookable Events

    Long Term Collaborations

    Running a Learning Hub

    The Learning Hubs are a flexible service that can be tailored to meet the needs of your pupils and are an effective educational service that can enhance and extend mainstream education. Based upon the Educational Endowment Fund Teaching and Learning Toolkit, peer mentoring has on average a positive effect to approximately five additional months progress.

    Most Hubs run after school for a maximum of an hour and a half and are led by a trained Learning Hub Coordinator with a team of 7/8 trained volunteer peer tutor befrienders.

    If you would like more information about setting up a Learning Hub in your school, please email us at

    Otherwise, if you know of a couple pupils who would benefit you can always refer parents and pupils. Find the nearest Hub.

    Running a Club

    Our clubs are a great way for young people to get together outside of school and take part in a range of activities, from arts and crafts to science experiments!

    If you are interested in running a club at your school, or if you know of a family who would benefit from this service, please email us at

    Running a Summer School

    The 6-week summer holidays can always be a struggle for parents to find affordable activities for their children, which is why we like to run a 3-week Summer School. Our Summer Schools are designed with a clear academic element to helps to keep children physically and mentally stimulated.

    If you are interested in how we could run a Summer School at your school, please email us at

    Otherwise, if you know of a family who would benefit you can always refer parents and pupils. Find the nearest Summer School.

    Training Your 6th Form Pupils

    We are always looking for dedicated volunteers who want to share their knowledge and skills with the children and young people in their community.

    For their after-school volunteering time, we can give your 6th form pupils a real-life practical experience to help develop key employability skills, while also offering them the opportunity to gain an AQA Skills Level 3 accreditation in Peer Tutoring and Befriending.

    If you would like us to attend an assembly to talk to them about this role, please email us at

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    This project was engaging from the very start. All of the children were focused and demonstrated great teamwork skills. It was a fun way to learn about recycling and forces. Thank you!

    Mrs Pugmire, Cheviot Primary

    Great resources and very interactive which is difficult with our knowledge/resources to replicate. The challenge allows interactive, fun discovery with a STEM aspect. Communication and team building are also impacted and we have seen positive outcomes.

    Quenten Dodds, St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

    ‘Sessions are well staffed with the volunteers and children get a lot of one-to-one attention and help with their learning.’

    Alison Ainslie, Community Manager, Wingrove Primary (2014)

    ‘S4A’s creative approaches and flexible delivery to study support have added significant value to the life chances of many of our young people.’

    Mike Collier, Head Teacher Walker Technology College (2011-2017)

    ‘The Hub has been commented upon by Ofsted (2011 and 2014) as being a model of good practice.’

    Mike Collier, Head Teacher, Walker Technology College

    ‘S4A have had a major impact on the achievements of our EAL-students and contributed to the fact that, in one year, our school EAL-pupils achieved better exam results than any other Newcastle secondary school.’

    Don Burbeck, Deputy Head, Walker Technology College (2006-2016)

    ‘Success4All ran a German club, a Spanish club, an Italian club, an Italian Cooking club in our school.  It engaged both parent and pupil in a different way of learning.’

    Steve Gittins, Tyneview Primary (2012)

    ‘Success4All is a great intervention both for students and staff, both in school and in a community setting. They have the opportunity to drop into the after school club and use facilities with support from their peers, approachable university students and staff. A great resource to be able to use when implementing personalised learning plans.’

    Tony Bell, Pupil Intervention, Walker Technology College (2008-2018)

    ‘The Success4All Learning Hub has enabled us to offer additional learning opportunities outside of the traditional school day. With the children getting close support from volunteers, this adds real value to learning and helps pupils to progress in the key areas of Reading, Writing, Maths and Science at Westgate Hill.’

    Karl Ellerbrook, Westgate Hill Primary Head Teacher

    ‘I am writing in recognition of the outstanding contribution Success4All has made to the Curriculum at Walker Technology College since our partnership was formed in 2006. The College serves an area of extreme deprivation and increasing cultural diversity. It is an area where curricular solutions do not follow a one size fits all model, and where education is equally as much a pastoral as an academic experience. Success4All have embraced and built upon this dynamic from the outset and as a consequence their creative approaches to study support have added significant value to the life chances of many of our young people. The club has been commented upon by Ofsted in previous inspections and good practice visits as being a model of good practice.’

    Mike Collier, Walker Technology College Head Teacher