WEYDA Science Ambassadors

To celebrate British Science Week 2018, we are releasing three videos made by our WEYDA group during their Science Ambassador project during February half term.

In a project jointly run by Lorraine Coghill, from Durham University and the Ogden Trust, and our very own STEM Coordinator, Kirsty Hayward, our WEYDA group practiced the skills to share and communicate science with others.


Over three afternoons during February half term, we explored the best ways to present your ideas to others, by looking into other presentations and finding science videos online. We also practiced our own presentation skills and giving feedback to each other.

Our task was to create an exciting video that their peers would like to watch and might learn something from.


Keep an eye on our YouTube channel to see all three of the videos as they are released during this week! Another huge thank you to Lorraine for supporting us in this project! 



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