WEYDA organizes Pizza and Parliament event for Parliament Week

Our West End Young Digital Artists (@WEYDAgroup) are a youth group (13-18 yrs) based in the West End of Newcastle. They produce different media products that involve media skills such as filming, editing, recording, graphic design, interviewing and using a radio studio.  They are passionate about their local area and about social and civic issues that concerns them and other young people.  They have produced to date two documentaries, a comic and two radio shows. You can find out more about them on our website https://www.s4a.org.uk/clubs/weyda.

They were invited to take part in the UK Parliament Week. It was possible to ask a representative of parliament to come and do a workshop, so we invited Lynn Hobson, the senior community outreach and engagement officer of Parliament to visit us here in Newcastle for a Pizza and Parliament event. 

It was a great event. Lots of questions were asked.  Can you get involved with parliament as a young person?  Can the Queen dissolve parliament?  Should all parties get a vote on the final Brexit deal?  We also did a role-play where each one played out a role in parliament.  We may now have a potential future prime minister among our midst.

We wrote down issues that concerned us, shared them and then did a mock-voting exercise. Each could only vote on one issue.  And most votes went to…….reducing debt from high university fees.  

Catherine Peart, from BBC Radio Newcastle, paid us a visit and interviewed some of our youngsters. Click on the sound file above, to hear some of their comments.

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