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Zakir’s Success Story

During our Carnegie Primary Learning Hub, Zakir wrote a poem about school. At the end of the session, he presented it to the whole group and read it out loud.       ‘I wrote the poem because we were doing poems in school. I wanted to continue on that. My favourite part is the […]

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Introducing our new Learning Hubs at Success4All!

Here at Success4All, we are proud to announce two new Learning Hub locations this year. These are situated at Westgate Primary school and Thomas Walling Primary school. Our Hub at Westgate Primary is like our other Learning Hubs where tutoring takes place. The Hub is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 – 5 pm. […]

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New Learning Hubs!

Two of our Learning Hubs in the West End have moved! Unfortunately the Learning Hubs we operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Millin Centre and Newcastle City Skills Centre have had to relocate due to circumstances beyond our control. Don’t panic though as Success4All’s Learning Hubs will still be running at the Carnegie […]

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Preparing for University with S4A!

With the time for UCAS applications fast approaching, we remind ourselves of the importance extra tuition can potentially have on the success of pupils entering their next stage of education. There is a profound contrast between university acceptance rates of pupils from advantaged areas compared to that of disadvantaged. The reason has been linked to a […]

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Updates from us here at Success4All

It’s a new term which means there are a lot of new exciting clubs and events approaching! Here’s an update of what we achieved last term: Last term we have supported a total number of 248 learners that have registered with us, that is an increase of 56 children and young people from the term […]

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Massive Congratulations to Walker Technology College

Success4All would like to congratulate everyone at Walker Technology College who in February this year was recognised by the Department of Education for their excellent GCSE results between 2013 – 2015. Walker Technology College is ‘one of the top 100 non-selective state-funded schools in England showing the greatest sustained improvement in the percentage of pupils […]

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The first Business Sparks session 12/11/15

Two new Success 4 All clubs!

This week we have set up two new clubs at Success 4 All; Business Sparks and the Gardening club have been added to our long list of extra-curricular activities that enable the children to expand their knowledge and prospects. Business Sparks Session at Newcastle City Learning Centre On Thursday 12th November, 23 young aspiring entrepreneurs […]

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January Highlights

Over the 12 teaching weeks of last term we supported a total number of 329 learners that registered with us. The young people visited a total of 2001 times over the course of the term at an average of 167 times per week. 86 new volunteers were registered and trained to become tutors in our Learning Hubs […]

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The Chronicle Make A Wish Campaign

The Chronicle’s Wish campaign gives not-for-profit organisations in the North East the chance to receive a share of £35,000. This year Success4All were selected to be a part of the campaign to raise funds for learning resources like workbooks, textbooks and computer and internet connections.  How does it work? When you buy the Chronicle for […]

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Simply Handwriting to simply improve your grades

Nowadays, young people’s keyboarding skills are better developed than their handwriting skills; however academic intelligence is measured by what one is able to write down on paper during exams. This is an issue that really concerns us at Success4All. Handwriting training and practice can raise exam marks by an average of 30%, which is why […]

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