Success4All has Quality in Study Support

Towards the end of the last academic year Success4All went through a self-evaluative process with Canterbury Christ Church University to gain recognition in Quality in Study Support at Emerged Level.

This half term we entered our 9th year providing study support outside of the school gates. Looking back over the 8 years we have not only grown our Learning Hubs in quantity, but we now have the mark to show we have also developed in quality. We chose to go through the process as the University believes in ‘Raising achievement by enhancing the quality of learning outside the normal school day’. As their beliefs matched ours, we wanted to not only prove that our work is of high quality, but to evaluate what we have done over the years, in order to keep progressing in terms of the quality of the services that we offer. We started with the first level; Emerged, and through the self-evaluations that are the largest part of the recognition, have thought of new ideas we  can introduce to go up the levels to Established and Advanced.

We believe that high level quality support can really help improve the grades of those who may be struggling in mainstream education. We are now also going through the process of being Ofsted inspected to ensure that our services are always at a high standard.

Look out for the QiSS logo on our website and promotional material!

Recognised in Study Support at Emerged Level

Recognised in Study Support at Emerged Level



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