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Success4All staff and volunteers took part in a training on the 4th of May. Ambassadors of the Local Hero Project from Leicestershire visited us at the Carnegie Building and trained volunteers and staff in creating and using engagement tools, that they developed on the Go-Mad thinking philosophy.


The Internal Triangle

One of the tools introduced to us was the ‘Internal Triangle’ model which explored at how we can reach our goals through analysing our self-beliefs and reasons why you wanted to reach the goal. It helped to evaluate how realistic our goals are, how badly we want to reach them and what help we can get.

The triangle splits up these thought processes into 3 different parts. It is a simple tool to break down and can be used with younger children.


The what could I Bird?

This ‘Think! Tool’ was aimed at improving the engagement of young people with their learning when they reach a  problem. The ‘What could I do Bird?’ tool  is quick and easy to make as well as  powerful when challenging a young person’s thoughts about how they can overcome a challenge. You create a bird’s beak out of card with questions written inside that prompt the person to find a solution.

These are the questions:  What could I…. Imagine -Say – Ask – Remember.. that is more helpful?



Helpful and Hindering Thoughts

We also looked at how our own thoughts can help us or stop us from achieving. The aim of this discussion was to show how we can convert hindering thoughts into helpful ones. This thinking can then be put into action and produce useful results.



Here are some thoughts about the training:

“It was great to learn about more tools that we can involve our young people in lots of our activities.” – Kirsty (Staff Member)

‘It was a really creative and interactive session. It provided an useful insight into how I can incorporate this into our volunteer training, so that they can implement these engagement tools in the Learning Hubs.’ – Emily (Staff Member).


Local Heroes Project

After lunch, a group of parents who had taken part in a consultation event, joined us as we continued looking at ‘Think! Tools’.  We were also introduced to the Local Hero Project. We discussed who we could represent with the wooden life size cut outs we’ve been given to decorate. Keep an eye out for our local West End Heroes in the upcoming exhibition here in Newcastle.




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