Kyra – Volunteer in the Spotlight

Kyra is a German student who is currently studying primary education at the University of Padermon. As this course requires her to teach abroad, she tutored many different students at our Learning Hubs over the last 10 weeks, 5 times a week! During this time, she also attended events that we held, and planned activities for our Arts and Crafts Club. It has been a delight having her with us. It was sad to see her leave, but we wish her all the best in the future. She’ll make a great teacher!


Here is a short interview with Kyra with a little more about her and her time at Success4All.

How have you found your experience?

‘The experience of working at S4A was very positive for me. Me working as a tutor and befriender was completely new for me and after working at S4A I am a lot more confident about becoming a primary school teacher. The staff was really nice so that coming to the learning hub or the office was always a pleasure.’

What has been the highlight/s?

‘Since every session in both the learning hubs and the after school clubs at Thomas Walling were different every time, it is hard to name highlights. Of course the one-to-one sessions during the Easter-holidays were quite special because working with the same kid over a period of time makes you see his or her improvements very clearly. The local heroes workshop was a highlight as well because it showed me a different way of learning and therefore for teaching. The methods and the way of thinking presented during the workshop could be a real improvement for both the English as well as the German school system.’

Where will go from here?

‘Now that I’m back in Germany it’s uni again for me. Now that most of the practical parts that I have to do until I’ll get my bachelor diploma are covered, it’s mostly just studying and writing exams…’

How have we helped you towards your goals? 

‘Becoming a primary school teacher isn’t easy and will take some time. Apart from the university requiring that you have to go abroad if you study English, working at S4A helped me to eventually become a teacher one day. I wasn’t sure if I could even handle teaching in general. After working at S4A however; I gained a lot more confidence concerning tutoring, working with young children and teaching.’

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