Highlights from the last 5 years of Success 4 All

Following on from our last blog post, which you can read here, to celebrate 10 years of Success4All, managing director, Caroline Afolabi, talks to us about how the organization has developed and grown in the last 5 years and how she would like to expand in the future.


In year 6, we were delighted to be named the winner of the North East Diversity Award for Education for supporting children & young people of Minority Ethnic Communities and New and Emerging Communities. Success4All started up several language clubs at Walker Technology College in 2011 including Chinese and Japanese, these clubs helped vocational students to learn a language and make themselves more marketable for the future.



During the 7th year, we achieved an award for Social Enterprise Development Award by Santander and Community Foundation. By this point we were supporting a huge 272 children and young people aged 8 to 18 and 10 adults, living in the East and West End of Newcastle with our one-to-one tutoring/befriending programme and our clubs. We had also offered 79 volunteer/work placements to people aged 15 to 73. Furthermore in 2012, we started up our Greek and Dutch language conversation clubs and organised a huge full-time summer school to prepare new students for starting Walker Technology College in the September.


By 2013, we had opened 5 learning hubs in Newcastle and were running two summer schools, one in the East end and one in the West end which proved very popular. During this year, one of our volunteers, Abdul Samad from Benwell, was presented with the national Champion Volunteer Princess Diana Award for helping to mentor young people with their studies. You can read all about his great achievement here in the Courier: http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/local-news/benwell-teenager-honoured-diana-accolade-1352671



During year 8, Success 4 All had developed and opened a 6th learning hub and had supported 1,000 young people in the local community. We also reached 500 for the number of volunteers who had helped us to achieve this. Shortly after, we were named runners up for the 2degrees Champion Award 2014 under the Social Value Category, which we are very proud of.


During the 10th year, Aviva Community Fund launched a competition to secure funding for important causes in the community and there were 4 levels of funding and 4 categories to choose from; Success 4 All went for £10,000, ‘Supporting the Younger Generation’ with an aim to keep our West End Learning Hubs going next academic year, and with the most number of votes we were announced the winners!

In 2015, the demand for our services has got bigger and bigger over time so as a result of this we have expanded vastly and now have plenty of new clubs to choose from such as, crochet, cooking, Spanish and blogging.

cooking slider


“Knowing we have helped so many children to continue with education, get into university, get jobs and/or become volunteers is the best feeling in the world” – Caroline Afolabi, Managing Director


Caroline also said she would love to set up more learning hubs, beyond Newcastle and in other countries such as Nigeria as Success4all has always being more than a homework club; it is a drop in, relaxed, self-organised, environment that builds communities and supports parents. The crisis of a lot of children not having the Internet, and so many libraries beginning to close in areas they are needed most, means that these young drop in spaces where children can feel in ease are vital to allow them to achieve the most out of their education.


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