Exciting first trip with EUROSOLE!

Our West-end Young Digital Artists (WEYDA) have just returned from an exciting expedition this month. A group of the Club members and project leaders all flew out to Dublin on the 23rd October to take part in their very first venture with the European project, EUROSOLE.  


Since 2012 we have been involved with EUROSOLE, a project for self-organised learning environments based around Europe. Like us, they share an ethos for creating relaxed environments, where young people can reach their full potential.

The 4-day trip brought together young people from countries like England, Ireland, Finland and Belgium who are all part of EUROSOLE project. It allowed them to share their experiences of solving big questions and take part in joint activities that tested their teamwork skills. 


The WEYDA-group are young people from the West end of Newcastle who all share a passion for all things digital. By teaming up with EUROSOLE they’ve been able to experiment with teaching themselves digital skills as well as learning a new foreign language!


The project EURSOLE was founded upon the self-organised learning theory developed by Sugata Mitra. He experimented by putting a computer in a wall in the slums of Calcutta and seeing how the village children would react. Miraculously, the children used it to teach themselves English and computer skills, inspiring people including Success4All to expand this theory throughout many countries.

WEYDA’s trip to Dublin was structured around encouraging them to learn new subjects and skills for themselves. On the first day, the team took part in ice breaker activities and established a collaborative community ethos. The Tuesday saw them focus on self-reflection by getting them to lead SOLE, using tools they’d learnt. Before returning to Newcastle on the Wednesday, the group used self-evaluation to take part in practical team working tasks.


The trip was a great success as our young people gained many skills in working collaboratively with likeminded people of different nationalities.

Dublin marked the first of many opportunities with EUROSOLE, such as trips to Belgium and Finland in the years to come!

Find out more about the work of EUROSOLE at www.myeurosole.eu or keep up to date with the young people of WEYDA at www.s4a.org.uk/clubs/weyda/

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