EAL Volunteer Training at Success4All

Thinking about teaching languages or teaching abroad?

Becoming a mentor volunteer at Success 4 All is a great foundation for you to develop your CV, personal statement and gain employability. This rewarding opportunity will allow you to share your knowledge and skills with the children and young people in your community by helping them with their homework and schoolwork. Many of the children that use our local learning hubs are studying English as an additional language, and therefore can have trouble completing their homework and keeping up in class. With regular help and guidance to build simple sentences, you will enable them to expand their English vocabulary past beginners level and get more about of their education at school.


Working with EAL students can be challenging and testing, so you must be patient and committed. However, it is a brilliant experience and will allow you to learn about different cultures and languages.

All of our volunteers are provided with full EAL support and training that teaches you valuable skills that will be useful throughout your life and career.

The training schemes cover:

  • What is appropriate and inappropriate language to use
  • How to and how not to behave around children who do not speak English
  • How to react in possible hub scenarios
  • Behavior management tips
  • Who you can speak to if you are having difficulty
  • Guided worksheets are also provided for you to go through with your EAL student


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“We are recruiting people to become community role models that share the same local vision and drive to build a strong sense of community and positively develop the places in which they live.”

After your training, you will be assigned to a Learning Hub that suits your timetable. Your assigned Learning Hub will also depend on the experience that you are looking for – you may want to tutor in a specific subject or feel more comfortable at a certain level. All our Hubs and Clubs run after-school for 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours. We need reliable volunteers who can dedicate and commit to at least one of these sessions per week.


Click here to find out more about Volunteering at Success 4 All https://www.s4a.org.uk/volunteers/


Click here to for a registration form and to read about the roles and responsibilities https://www.s4a.org.uk/volunteers/roles-responsibilities/







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